UKH Update

UKH Update is held once a month. But what is it?
The Youth Culture House is a do-ocrazy, therefore it is those who participate who have the freedom to co-determine. UKH Update is our house meetings, where you can make suggestions, ask questions and help shaping our common UKH. Here we update each other on activities in the house. This is also where we make decisions about how UKH should be run in the future, about new projects and collaborations.

If you are new to UKH, these meetings are an obvious opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know the rest of us. If you would like to make an event, you can tell about your project here. The participants in the meetings decide whether it is possible to accommodate your request. The meetings are open to all users of the house – new and old ones. We encourage everyone who can to participate, so that the house is widely represented, and the interests of the house can be met in the best way possible.


In UKH many large and small events are held. It is the people who make use of the house that are behind the various events. There are both onetime events and others that are repeated. Here in the calendar you can find all future events in UKH.

If you are interested in arranging one, give us a call or send an email with a short description of your idea. It is possible to hold cultural events such as flea markets, concerts, lectures and vernissage.

NB: We do not rent out for parties and private events!

You can read more about our upcoming events in the calendar or on Facebook.

SPACE Festival

Every year UKH organizes an art and culture festival named SPACE. This festival is intended to be a platform for very young artists, performers, writers, musicians, etc., who have something on their minds and who are ready to meet an audience. In addition, SPACE includes dialogues, lectures, food and hygge.

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