Here you are welcome to make yourself comfortable doing your homework, playing board games, enjoying a free cup of coffee, or throwing yourself on the couch. Our food communities also take place here. You are welcome to use the kitchen if you would like to cook. Larger groups can also use the kitchen for cooking at meetings or gatherings in UKH, but please let us know in advance.


In UKH we have 3 free food communities for young people between 15-30 years. As a participant, you contribute to the menu, cooking, shopping, and doing the dishes.

FÆLLESSPISNING (Communal dinning)

At UKH’s communal dining we make a delicious meal together that we enjoy in each other’s company. Different eating habits are always taken into account but remember to let us know before the event. Registration takes place no later than the same day of the event. All participants take part in the cooking and dishes.
We are looking for people to initiate the next communal dinner. If you and your friends want to plan a communal meal, you can contact us by phone or send a message on Facebook.


Madmekka is a gathering place for young refugees and other young Danes. Every Monday, DFUNK makes a food café in UKH, where we talk, play games and cook together. Everyone is welcome! In DFUNK, it has been experienced that food – whether you make it, eat it, or both – bring people together across language and culture. Food provides an opportunity to share across cultures and provides a good opportunity to talk together, even when people do not share the same native language. The volunteers and participants make the menu together, and also buy and cook the food jointly. If you want to learn more about Madmekka, you can read more here or become a member of the Facebook group.


In the World Kitchen we make authentic food from different countries. We are a mix of both international- and Danish students. World Kitchen is held every Thursday at UKH. Preparation begins at 4PM and we eat at 7PM.
We are looking for a “Chef for the night” who wants to cook food from their home country. No experience is required. If you want to be a one-night chef, please contact one of the administrators with the following details:

  • Which country you are making food from
  • A grocery list with all ingredients

For further information contact us on email or on Facebook: World Kitchen/ Verdenskøkkenet

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