UKH opens housing unit for young people in August 2020

A collaboration between the Youth Culture House and Social Affairs and Employment

This is done in connection with the Master Plan in the Homeless Area in Aarhus Municipality.
The project is supported by Realdania.

Thanks to UKH’s users and the huge efforts of its employees, our dream of a housing unit has now become a reality. Therefore, we are now in the process of creating a living environment where young students and homeless people can be considered for housing. In this context, FGU students are regarded as students. The focus of the project is to alleviate homelessness among young people in Aarhus and to turn a negative life situation into a positive one.

In UKH we know the struggle of being homeless, as some of the people coming here daily have been homeless for a shorter or longer period of time. Some of the young people in the house are familiar with being new to the city, being a sofa surfer and having a need to get to know the city and gain a social network among other young people.

Specifically, the housing unit is established in the east wing of the house. There will be 24 rooms where half will go to young students and the other half to young homeless people. At present, craftsmen are in the process of renovating, building and painting all the rooms and shared rooms.  All rooms have private bathrooms and toilets, and views of the rest of the old County Hospital. There is a shared kitchen on both floors and two shared living spaces on the ground floor for tenants. All rooms are also furnished with a small kitchenette.

If you are interested in moving into one of the homes and/or have any questions about the project, you are welcome to write to Ruth and Lone, both of whom are associated with the project:

Ruth Morell: rmor@aarhus.dk

Lone Jensen: lonej@aarhus.dk  

We need your help!

The housing unit has not yet been given a fixed name, so if you have a good idea of what to call our new home for young students and young homeless people, please feel free to send an email to us på:


Excerpts from the city council’s submission (Translated by UKH)

The number of young homeless people has been increasing in Aarhus. These are young people who are vulnerable, have mental and abusive challenges to varying degrees and at the same time are without housing. The patient hotel will be the setting for a dormitory with youth housing for students and young people who are either homeless or so-called couch surfers.
The Youth Culture House is a creative place established by the young people themselves. A group of young users of the house has developed the idea of establishing an alternative housing solution for young students and young homeless people in the form of dormitories in connection with the Youth Culture House
The principles of Housing First will be at the heart of the method development project in the college. Vulnerable and homeless young people are strengthened by support from mentors and social caretakers, who help develop skills to ensure that young people are able to maintain housing, get on with jobs and education and are retained in any treatment.
The Youth Culture House will continue to be the framework for a diversity of young people who want to work creatively with art and cultural projects, participate in learning pathways and have the opportunity to become part of good and healthy networks and where there is room for everyone who needs a place to be. Young people are closely involved in the development of frameworks and content in the offer. The link between the activities of the Youth Culture House and dorm rooms, with a mix of students young and homeless young people, will provide fertile ground for the establishment of healthy communities for the benefit and appeal of a wide target group of young people. It will enable an offer of accommodation, support and special guidance and support in relation to education, as well as activities, togetherness and community in the house.

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