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27. februar 2021 | 17:00 - 18:30


We, at UKH, got a way to combine both the digital world and the art of sending postcards.

With PostNord, one can send physical postcards anywhere in the world without leaving the house and with the small cost of 20kr! You just need to get a photo that you would like to send to someone as a postcard and a message to follow the photo. PostNord will make sure that it is sent physically to the address you gave.

In corona times it is harder to meet new people and do different social things with our friends. At the same time, we are so connected to our phones and computers that we forget other ways to communicate with the ones that we love the most!
Writing letters or sending postcards are many times seen as an old and slow way of reaching out to others. The truth is that despite all the work behind writing, and it taking a few days for the post offices to deliver the letter, we believe that it is definitely a special way of surprising that friend you did not talk with for so long, your parents or your dear partner.

If you are interested in meeting new people living in Denmark, while sending postcards, come and join us over a cup of coffee/tea on zoom on the 27th February at 17:00.