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Aarhus Soup #2

20. marts 2021 | 16:00 - 19:00


Cool projects are still getting cooked up in our community despite Covid restrictions, and Aarhus Soup supports innovative project-makers and entrepreneurs in Aarhus.

Aarhus Soup is a hyggeligt evening of soup, pitching, learning, and live music.

The intention of Aarhus Soup is to create opportunities for entrepreneurs, students, creatives, and all residents to bring forth ideas that will improve and enhance the Aarhus community.

1️⃣ Sign up for the event through our Typeform. The 50kr ticket price goes directly into a protected MobilePay or PayPal account and covers entry to the event, a nice warm cup of soup (available for Aarhus residents), and the investment to the winning project.

2️⃣ Watch, interact, and reflect with the other soup-porters on the pitched projects. During the event, participants will get to watch entrepreneurs pitch their community project ideas, and later, they’ll vote on their favorite.

3️⃣ Once the final votes are calculated, the winning project gets all the moolah! After all, votes are tabulated, the winning project will be announced and all the donated money from the event goes straight to them. No fuss, no fees, just community-supported crowdfunding!

So if you’re ready to join us, continue on to complete the event registration:

The Aarhus Soup Pilot event will take place online, using the virtual communication platform, MeetButter. 🤗 So grab your tickets now at the link and we can’t wait to see you there