Monday – Thursday: 10am-10pm
Friday: 12am-5pm

SWEET CITY is a collaboration between the Department of (X),The Frontrunners and the Youth Culture House – UKH.
Until December 1, 2015 On 16 November, we arrange for over 20 events/meetings/podcasts around Aarhus.
Read more here: SWEET CITY


Do you plan to come to UKH in the coming months?

In the fall you will be able to visit as usual. There are only two things to keep in mind:

  1. The whole cold area will be shut down until Christmas.
  2. The rest of the house will be easily accessible – blubber-filled with food, art and sewing workshops– and simply cosiness for the busy people.

Until Christmas, you walk in through the front door. You can use the café area, the stage area, the kitchen, the sewing workshop, the conference room, and the meeting room.
The cold kitchen/area includes the parkour room, dance hall, studio, set design, open rehearsals and rented rehearsal rooms. These facilities will not be available due to renovation.

Keep an eye on our events on Facebook. Workshops will be added continuously in the autumn.

What is UKH?

UKH is a cultural centre for all young people aged 15-30 years.

Founded by Aarhus Municipality in 2015 –
a non-profit organisation.

UKH is defined by the users who use the house and our facilities.

We have:

10 artists in our Open Studio

65 users in our rental rooms

4 permanent staff and 1 student assistant

Organizations such as
Young In Aarhus, DFUNK
and c-cube

3 Free Food Communities Supported by Food Maker

Your UKH

a community, a platform


what you can do in the house


find the upcoming events in UKH


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