UKH opened a housing unit for young people in the old patient hotel in August 2020

Cooperation between MSB (Social Affairs and Employment) and MKB (Culture Management)

The project is supported by the Realdania Foundation, the Velux Foundation and the Bikuben Foundation

Thanks to the young people who use UKH and the huge efforts of the employees, our dream of connecting a housing unit to UKH came true. That is why we have now created a living environment where young students and young people without housing or social networks can be considered for housing. In this context, FGU students are regarded as students.

The focus of the project is to alleviate homelessness among young people in Aarhus and to turn a negative life situation into a positive one. No young person likes to be labeled as someone who is exposed. Therefore, UKHome agrees that all residents are simply considered like any other young person. Because, as they say, “things can happen in everyone’s life.” Besides, you have a home when you move in and you do not need to distinguish between them.   

No young person likes to be stalled like someone who’s exposed. Therefore, UKHome agrees that all residents are simply considered like any other young person.

At UKH, we know of young people without housing and social networks who benefit from being able to develop and socialize through activities, communal dining and good talk. Some of the house’s young people also know about being new to the city, being a sofa surfer and having a need to get to know the city and find good friends and inclusive communities.

Specifically, the housing unit is established in the east wing of the house. There are 24 rooms, half of which are now rented out to young students, and the other half to young people without accommodation, through a collaboration with the Kollegiekontoret (Dorm Office). Craftsmen have been renovating, building, and painting all the rooms and common rooms.  All rooms have private bathrooms and toilets, and views of the rest of the old County Hospital. There is a shared kitchen on both floors and two shared living spaces on the ground floor for tenants. In addition, all rooms are furnished with a small kitchenette.

A social caretaker and a host have been hired to help facilitate communal dining, activities, and workshops. They are happy to have a nice chat and can help with career guidance, contact with networks, job search, etc. and a CTI (housing aid) can be attached if you need it.

If you are interested in applying for a home, you can write to Anne, who is a social caretaker in UKHome:

Anne Scherrebeck Hansen:

If you have any questions about the project, you are welcome to write to Ruth and Lone, both of whom are associated with the project:

Ruth Morell:

Lone Jensen:  

To learn more about the background to the project, read the city council setting:

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