ÅBEN ØVER (Open rehearsal)

(NB: The Åben Øver may not be used at the moment due to COVID-19)

Do you and your band need a place to rehearse? Åben Øver is the music room for you who do not need a permanent rehearsal room yet. There a bass, guitar, keyboards, and drums can borrow if you do not have your own yet. You can use Åben Øver Monday – Friday during our opening hours without the need for a booking.


The music studio is for those who need a place to record their music. The studio has recording facilities for vocals, sound cards, computer, monitors, and capacitor microphone. The facilities consist of a control room with associated:

  • Computer
  • Daw: Studio One Pro.
  • Sound card, 8 channels (USB connection)
A studio technician is not included with the booking of the Music studio!

If you need help with mixing or recording, you can contact Henrik.


August 2021
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It is possible for anyone to book a time in the Music Studio and you can book two times a week. Before you can use the studio on your own, you must have a short intro to the equipment. When you make a booking, you can write in the comments field if you are a first-time user.

Always book at least one week in advance! You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation when your session is approved. A studio session has a duration of 3 hours, and you can book a maximum of two sessions in a row. If you are absent from your studio session for more than 20 minutes, it is released for others to use. Before you book, remember:

  • No alcohol or drugs!
  • No food or drinks in the studio!
  • Please DO NOT move or rearrange the cables and jack sticks.
  • Clean up after yourself before you leave – Thank you!
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