Åbent Atelier (Open Art Studio)

In Åbent Atelier you have the opportunity to work with other young artists. Here, as a young artist, you can make yourself comfortable and be part of a creative community. You will be a part of an inspiring environment where art spreads from the canvas to the rest of the room and throughout the house. You control the processes. Many beautiful pictures, sculptures and exhibitions are created here.

It does not cost anything to use the studio, but you must bring your own materials. Are you interested in registrating? Then write an email to Malene.

Exhibitions in UKH

There is the possibility to exhibit your art in UKH at any time. If you need a place for varnishing, you can contact Malene or one of the other employees to hear more. You are also always welcome to stop by and talk to us about your options in the house.


In the darkroom, you can develop your analogue films and develop paper images in the old-fashioned way. If you lack skills, but are interested in the art of developing your own films, keep an eye out for darkroom workshops at UKH intern or contact Malene by email:

Graphic workshop (is being developed)

In the graphic workshop, you will be able to make prints or serial graph prints. We will have silk frames in different sizes that you can use whether you print on paper, wood, or textile. If you print on hard surfaces or paper, you must bring your own acrylic paint when you print. If you want to make textile prints, there is a user fee, which is equivalent to the expenses associated with one’s consumption. UKH does not charge extra fees, you pay for the materials at cost. Emulsion, pigment colour and thickener will be measured and settled when you have finished the project.

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