UKH is built around the idea, 'freedom under responsibility' and the main element is trust between everyone who comes into the house. Trust in contributing to the community. Trust in helping each other. Trust that together we can create a better framework for culture and youth life in Aarhus if we do so together.

As a permanent tenant of a room in UKH, you bear a special responsibility for the house working in everyday life, as you get stuck all year round, unlike many other users who come irregularly when it suits. Therefore, it is extremely important for all current users, both employees and young people, to make all applicants clear what spirit we hope new tenants will help maintain and further develop. You can read more about UKH here.

Contact Henrik for more information about renting premises in UKH.


Would you like to rent a room? We have 16 rooms we rent out to creative young people who want their own rehearsal room, project office, studio etc. You can rent a room for 6 months at a time. The rooms have different sizes, but all cost DKK 550 per square metre per year. You can apply for a rehearsal room in December and June. We are a user-controlled house and therefore it is also expected that you will actively involve the house and our many activities.

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